Data center intelligent monitoring software

Client: Etix Labs
Country: Luxembourg
Services: User Research, UI/UX Design, In-house consultancy

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Etix DCIM is the flagship product of Etix Everywhere data center company. DCIM aggregates information from facilities, devices and IT systems and shows them in a fully customisable widget-based dashboard to monitor and manage multiple data centers globally from a web browser, letting operators define what data is most important to them.

Role and Partnership

We collaborated with Etix Everywhere to create one of the most advanced and easy to use DCIM software on the market. Backed by multiple rounds of funding, empowered by our customers, and with instant access to the users for research, we worked together four years until the product reached the maturity needed for the industry. Company was later aquired by Vantage Data Centers, one of the biggest players in the industry.


A data center build and operated by Etix Everyhwere in Belgium

DCIM Application used by network operators and Synapsia Locker inside a data center

Product design team at Etix Labs headquarters

UX design processes and activities in a product oriented Agile Environment

As a long term design partner with Etix Everywhere we planned and executed hundreds of design activities. A quick summary activities we did with Etix Everywhere:



User research
User testing
Design sprints
Design processes

Mobile design
Design systems
Brand design

Design advocacy

 Datacenter Dashboard Overview


We designed more than 300 screens and a design system that made it extremely easy

DCIM systems are in general very complex, hard to learn and without aesthetics. Our goal during the collaboration with Etix Everywhere was to create a system easy to learn, easy to use, functional, tech savy, but more than everything else aesthetic (why not?). Considering the system is used by people 24/24h, we took many design decissions to ease the user stress level as much as possible by creating a calm and unobtrusive design.

Racks List (early wireframe vs. final pixels)

Interface design that ads value to the business

Etix DCIM empowers colocation users with capabilities to provide additional valuable services such as transparent monitoring of their customers equipment through a sophisticated multi tenant permissions system.

Data centers organizations management


Shifts Management


Design redundancy for critical tasks

Fully automated escalation processing system for alarms, issues and maintenance. Based on the ticket criticality, an issue will be assigned to the right operator.

Interactive Rack View


Building Information


CCTV with fully customisable grid and smart notifications system


CCTV events timeline


Monitor data centers on the go

A set of Android and iPhone mobile applications is available for data center operators, enabling them to manage, monitor and act from wherever they are. KPIs, capacity planning, urgent tickets, alarms, access control authorisations and video surveillance at your fingertips.

Customized Dashboard


Alarms Overview


Mobile Menu


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