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We're a forward-thinking creative agency focused on user research, user experience, interface design, and more. 


Featured Work

UI/UX Design / User Research

United Nations Global Compact Reporting Platform

UI/UX Design / User Research / Visual Identity

Wordbee Cloud Translation Management and Editor

UI/UX Design / User Research / Visual Identity

Smart Scheduling for Fire and Emergency Medical Services


Relentlessly focused on the user 

In a world dominated by digital, a user’s experience is everything. Our approach to UX includes user research, usability testing, interface design, prototyping, and more. The goal? To create incredibly frictionless digital experiences for your customers.


Unforgettable digital experiences. No code necessary.

Our team is made up of specialists in user experience design, branding, and web design. We use the latest ‘no-code’ technologies to create rapid-deployment digital solutions for your brand. From there, we can help you refine and uplift the brand positioning. 

In-house or offsite consultancy, we’ve got you covered

The ScreenFrontier team is fully equipped to operate as a digital agency, to design, build, and manage digital products on your behalf; or an onsite or offsite consultancy as your expert partner in tech.



What we do

At ScreenFrontier, we deliver complete digital services to create unique digital experiences for brands across the world. 

Pick just the services you need, or partner with us for an end-to-end digital project. 


User Experience Design

User experience, including user research, usability testing, user interface design, prototyping, and much more. 


Branding and Identity

Branding and identity services to help you define your position in the market.


Rapid-deployment Website Development

Rapid-deployment website development built with ‘fast code’ technologies.


Enterprise Software Development

We deliver world-class SaaS, HRMS, ERP, and DCIM software.


Full-stack Software Development

Full-stack software development solutions to solve your unique business challenges. 

A little about us...

We always like to get to know our clients before working with them, but you can get a head-start right here with a little about us.

ScreenFrontier is made up of a team of passionate digital experts located in Sibiu, Romania and Luxembourg. Our international experts make us the ideal choice for global brands.

Each member of the team brings something different to the table: we are designers, software developers, product managers, and marketers. Combined, we make up a team that has so far worked on over 100 projects for 30 different companies — including 5 governmental organizations.

Christian Willox, CTO


"The team has been very professional. They are collaborative, effective, proactive, and always quality-focused. Screen Frontier was no exception to it. I never regretted my choice on working with them."


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