Advanced translation management system design

Client: Wordbee
Country: Luxembourg
Services: Branding, User Research, UI/UX Design
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Wordbee Translator in one of the most advanced systems in the field of Translation Management Systems and CAT-tools. Wordbee includes every little aspect of the production chain, from job assignment to order management all the way to job completion including invoicing, quality assurance and detailed analytics and reports – with everything being highly customizable.

Our role

We started collaboration with Wordbee in 2020 to redesign their CAT Editor. We are currently working on a faster and more responsive version of Wordbee Translator. Our goal is to design a new user interface, improve the user experience and integrate the UX design process in the product development. We are also refreshing the Wordbee brand identity which is scheduled to launch soon. Stay tuned for updates.


Development in progress. More info coming soon...

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