Online Scheduling and Workforce Management for Fire and EMS​

Client: Agile Freaks / Tour3
Country: United States
Services: User Research, UI/UX Design
Development: Agile Freaks

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The landscape of public safety software is dominated by point solutions (scheduling, online learning, document management, HRIS, etc). This forces Fire and EMS Departments to separately procure and manage many disparate pieces of software with little integration capability or in-house IT/administrative support. A typical department might maintain a dozen independent pieces of SaaS or on-premises software products to meet their operational needs.


Together with Tour3 and Agile Freaks we commited to reimagine the current state of operational software solutions for EMS and deliver the highest quality and most efficient public safety operations software. Our responsability: design.


User centred design process

In collaboration with the founder, Jason (FDNY), we conducted a substantial amount of user research to understand the scheduling problems that firefighters face on a daily basis. We developed multiple prototypes for live testing and iterated at the RP level until we achieved the perfect balance for our users. In the current state, our next step involved building a functional product demo, which we deployed in actual firehouses across the state.


Prototype and final interface

User needs transformed into powerfull features

From the classic "drag and drop" to minimizing the number of clicks, our focus has been on the user. Our goal is to decrease the time spent on trivial tasks and simplify the learning curve for new users by creating an intuitive and easy-to-use UI.

Easy shifts assigning


Smart Scheduling


Automation and safe operations

We found that most of the scheduling tasks can be automated. The system automatically fills open shifts with employees, considering their level of experience and the skills required for the specific shift.

Admin Scheduler (month view)


Admin Scheduler (day view)


Mobile iOS and Android native apps

We leveraged the mobile phones technical capabilities to enhace the experience for both the end user and the administrator. The personnel can easily clock-in, request time-off, plan vacations and many more directly on their phone.

Clock-in Workflow


Shift Information




“Processing payroll for my EMS agency went from six hours down to one!”

EMS Chief, New York

“Until Tour 3, I had no idea how many hours I was wasting just trying to fill open shifts each week.”

Administrative EMS Captain, New York

“It used to take two staff members over an hour each just to call all our staff to find coverage. With Tour 3 it happens in seconds.”

EMS Scheduling Coordinator, New York

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