UN Global Compact reporting platform 

Client: Agile Freaks / UNGC
Country: United States
Services: User Research, UI/UX Design
Development: Agile Freaks

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The UN Global Compact requires participating companies to produce an annual CoP that details their work to embed the Ten Principles into their strategies and operations, as well as efforts to support societal priorities. The CoP is a visible expression of your commitment to sustainability and your stakeholders can view it on your company’s profile page. Companies that fail to report or to meet the criteria over time may be removed from the initiative.

Our Assignment

Design the new CoP tool.

The UN Global Compact is currently reviewing its Communication on Progress (CoP) and plans to launch the new CoP in 2021. The objective is to future-fit the CoP’s capabilities, enhancing them to: further strengthen corporate transparency and accountability, better track progress, inspire leadership, foster goal-setting and provide learning opportunities across the Ten Principles and SDGs.


Development in progress. More info coming soon...

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